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2016 NVT Awards -  Categories and Nominations


NVT Louisiana Star Performer Award

Other Awards

NVT Junior Performer Award*

NVT Voice Talent Award**

NVT Cast Award

NVT Most Valuable Performer (MVP) Award

NEW AWARD FROM 2016 onwards

NVT Louisiana Film Actor Award

* Sponsored by Actors Choice Talent Agency, Denham Springs, LA.

**Sponsored by NOVA:The New Orleans Voice Agency
New Orleans, LA.

With the exception of the STAR PERFORMER AWARD and the FILM ACTOR AWARD, the Annual NVT Awards in the various categories are selected by The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation to reflect and encourage the contribution by members of the film and related industries to both the industry and the community at large.
The STAR PERFORMER AWARD is selected by considering open nominations from the industry across Louisiana; while the FILM ACTOR AWARD will be decided by an invited panel of judges from the Louisiana Film Industry. A NEW AWARD is added every year.