The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation

A non-profit 501(c)3 organization providing affordable educational resources and opportunities for performers and youth since 2009
Education - Opportunities - Community 
Support                                    Serving "Hollywood South", the Gulf Coast states
, and beyond 


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Officers of The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation, Inc.

The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation is incorporated in the state of Louisiana as a non-profit 501(c)3 which provides performers in Louisiana, Mississippi, and beyond with affordable education and opportunities, as well as to use our talent to support the community.

Founder and CEO: Stephen James (Stephen James Smith)
A Member of the Board of Governors: National Association of Non-profit Organizations and Executives (NANOE)

(Northampton College of Education, England. Teaching, Art, English, Drama)

Telephone: 504-355-9673, 228-424-0544
Email: [email protected] 

Board Member, Secretary and Treasurer:
Deborah Williams Smith

Fundraising Committee

Belinda Little-Wood - Authorized Fundraising Officer

George Trahanis - Authorized Fundraising Officer

Ellen Dixon - Authorized Fundraising Officer

Jwan Jordan - Authorized Fundraising Officer

Mark Fowler - Authorized Fundraising Officer

Katie La Roche - 501(c)3 Compliance Consultant

Other authorized fund-raisers

Vatican Lokey - Authorized Sponsorship Officer

Deborah Smith - Secretary/Treasurer
Deborah J. Young - Membership Co-ordinator
Michelle Jeanmard - Program Co-ordinator, Reading for the Blind
Natalie Mitchell - Publicity Co-ordinator
Vatican Lokey
- Director: "It's a Wonderful Life" Annual New Orleans and Region Benefit Radio-play.
Belinda Little-Wood - Event Organizer: 2017 Hollywood South Awards - Incorporating the NVT/BAG Awards
Jwan Jordan - Production Assistant, Events and Productions
Ellen Dixon - Production Assistant, Events and Productions