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IAWL 2017 - Cast

"It's a Wonderful Life"
NINTH Annual New Orleans and Region Benefit - 2017 
Live Radio-play On-stage

Presented by The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation
in conjunction with The NATIONAL Voice Talent Foundation
Narrator - Bill Capo
George Bailey - Bill Lee
Mary Bailey - Lorraine LeBlanc
Angel Clarence - Stephen James
Supt. of Angels - John Wettermark
Henry Potter - Paul Eubanks
Martini - George Trahanis
Harry Bailey/Sam Wainright - Ryan Castro
Ma Bailey - Carla Boullion
Young George Bailey - Ronnie Tucker
Mr Gower - Jack Quarles
Zuzu - Hrilina Ramrakhiani
Janey Bailey/Young Mary Hatch - Aeryn Dixon
Bert the Cop - Stephen Denning
Toll Taker/Cab Driver - Jeremy Billiot

Foley Director - Marsha Preston
Producer and Director - Stephen James
Sound Engineer - Ronni Brant
Broadcasting Engineer - Rudy Dixon
Script adapted for radio-on-stage by Vatican Lokey

Cast and personnel subject to change