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March 20th 2017

NOLA Voice Talent launches voice-over workshops for juniors at Boys and Girls Clubs Gulf Coast

A series of voice-over workshops for juniors has been launched by The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation in conjunction with Boys & Girls Clubs Gulf Coast.

The workshops will be made available to Boys & Girls Clubs members at locations across the Mississippi Gulf Coast, beginning with the D'Iberville location at 10444 Lamey Street, D'Iberville, where a series of three workshops will be held on April 5th, 12th, and 19th (4pm-5pm).

Conducting the workshops will be Stephen James, a prolific voice-actor and award-winning voice coach, who will provide Members of Boys & Girls Clubs Gulf Coast with coaching in voice techniques, working with scripts, and providing an insight into the business of voice-over and how to develop voice-over as part of their career as a performer.

Jwan Jordan, Youth Career Development Manager for Boys & Girls Clubs Gulf Coast, said: "We are delighted to join forces with The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation in providing this opportunity for our members and to developing this program along the Gulf Coast."

Added Stephen James, "This is an exciting opportunity for young people in the region to learn how to work with new skills and to help broaden their horizons, and we are looking forward working closely with Boys and Girls Clubs Gulf Coast in developing this program for the benefit of its members."

All members of Boys & Girls Clubs are invited to attend; they can sign up for the workshops at a Careers Fair to be held at the D'Iberville center on Wednesday March 20th (4pm-6pm) where they will be able to meet Stephen James in person, or participants can register for the workshops by contacting Jwan Jordan at [email protected]


For further information, please contact:
Stephen James - Founder and Chief Executive, The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation
February 20th 2017

The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation responds to "Variety" article about pay-to-play casting

New Orleans-based The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation has responded with full support of Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, who announced recently the filing of criminal charges against 25 people involved in five casting workshops, alleging that they charged aspiring actors for auditions in violation of state law, according to a recent article in the national showbiz publication "Variety".

Quoted from the article, Mike Feur said: “My office will continue to crack down on those who would take advantage of performers desperate for work.”

The non-profit Foundation provides education and opportunities for performers in Louisiana, Mississippi, and neighboring states - often loosely-termed "Hollywood South". Founder and Executive Director Stephen James echoed Feuer's words: "As a major center of film production, Hollywood South has a strong contingent of established and aspiring performers who are prey to pay-to-play casting schemes which exploit their dreams purely for profit.

"Performers need to be aware not to fall victim to such schemes and the appropriate State departments representing Hollywood South need follow the example of Los Angeles in rooting out such practices."

Stephen James also pointed out that online voice-over casting services were a different proposition: "The services provided online for voice-over talent are a legitimate service matching talent with clients on a job-for-job basis for an annual fee. This differs entirely with a casting agent who charges thousands of dollars to put talent in front of agents on a speculative basis."

Stephen James concluded, "Talent should always avoid paying up-front fees for casting and for agencies, or even for additional services exclusive to an agent, such as head-shots and demo-reels. This is a free market economy and talent should be free to do business wherever they wish."

For further information, please contact:

Stephen James - Founder and Executive Director, The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation

[email protected]
Tel: 504-355-9673, Cell: 228-424-0544




February 15th 2017


Programs for junior performers and an expansion of existing programs to provide more opportunities for aspiring and existing actors and voice-over talent throughout Hollywood South were announced at the first meeting of the NVT Development Group on February 13th.

The group is headed by NVT Fundraising Co-ordinator Michelle Jeanmard, with a team of NVT affiliates and official fundraising officers, who discussed a series of programs in Louisiana and Mississippi.

The hugely-successful bi-weekly voice workshops in New Orleans will be extended to similar workshops in Lafayette, to be held by Michelle Jeanmard; while the annual NVT Awards, which embraces the Background Actors Guild Awards, will be re-named The Hollywood South awards. Former film industry official Belinda Little-Wood has been appointed by The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation to organize this year's Awards event alongside producer Stephen James.

The Foundation's annual benefit production of "It's a Wonderful Life" - now under preparations for its NINTH year - is also planned to feature well-known celebrities and will again be held for two nights following last year's successful two-night run at the Gretna Cultural Center for the Arts. It is hope this year to bring the production into New Orleans for the second night of the run, this December.

A vigorous program of workshops for juniors will also be instigated in conjunction with educational establishments in Chalmette and along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, organized by George Trahanis and Jwan Jordan respectively.

In addition, all NOLA Voice Talent members will benefit from a series of social events to be held throughout the year and an expansion of the Foundation's membership program to provide incentives and rewards for participation.

For further information, please contact:

Stephen James - Founder and Executive Director, The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation [email protected]
Tel: 504-355-9673, Cell: 228-424-0544