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NVT Programs

The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation is all about providing EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES for performers of all genres. Centered around voice-technique and the business of voice-over, the educational programs provided by the Foundation have proven to be extremely valuable to performers and presenters of all genres, including...

  • Voice-over talent
  • Screen actors
  • Theater performers
  • Broadcasters
  • Professional people engaged in making presentations

The Foundation currently operates four major on-going programs, in addition to spontaneous "one-off" activities and we are always looking for new ways to help and encourage performers throughout the region.

The major programs organized by The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation are:

Bi-weekly voice-over workshops in New Orleans, LA.

Monthly voice-over workshops in Baton Rouge, LA. and Ocean Springs, MS.

The Annual "It's a Wonderful Life" New Orleans and Region Benefit Production

Occasional Voice-over Seminars


New for 2015: One-day Production Workshops

The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation is continuously looking to hold new programs. So, if you have any ideas for a program you would like us to help you with, please contact the Foundation President at [email protected]

[email protected]______________

Bi-weekly voice-over workshops in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA., and Ocean Springs, MS.

Whether you are a screen actor, stage actor, on-camera talent, or voice-over artist - or in any profession where you use your voice - NOLA Voice Talent's affordable workshops will ENHANCE YOUR SKILLS - and your career.

Workshops are held every two weeks on Thursday evenings in New Oreans and every four weeks in Baton Rouge LA, and Ocean Springs, MS. Session fees are only $15.00, pay-on-the-day, or FREE to FULL MEMBERS of NOLA Voice Talent. (No prior registration necessary.)

For full details, please click here... 

The Annual "It's a Wonderful Life" New Orleans and Region Benefit Production

For full details of NOLA Voice Talent PRODUCTIONS, please click here...

Third anniversary seminar "the best yet"

Listen to WWNO/NPR presenter Diane Mack's interview on August 8th with Stephen James ahead of the seminar, on her weekly show "Inside the Arts". Click here (then click on LISTEN for August 8th and go to 17:05).

The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation celebrated its third anniversary in August 2012 with a hugely-successful National Voice-over Seminar at the University of New Orleans.

Following NVT's principal objective of providing affordable educational opportunities for performers, the seminar attracted a full house at the University of New Orleans over the weekend of August 18th and 19th, 2012.

The seminar was devised and presented by Bettye Zoller with extensive organizational and promotional support from The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation. The primary focus of the sessions in the two-day event was audio-book narration, and among the guest speakers were Michael KellyRoy Buñales, Patrick Bonin, David Hanks, Stephen James, and Dr. Rebecca Hale, who all volunteered their time and expertise to the event. Students from across the country were treated to a weekend of intense information, including voice-over demos, the home studio, voice and microphone techniques, dealing with accent and dialect, and marketing yourself as a voice-over business.

Remarked NOLA Voice Talent founder and executive director Stephen James, "The success of the Foundation's summer seminar series over the past two years, and of the Foundation in general over the past three, demonstrates clearly that New Orleans and southern Louisiana is a hot-bed of voice talent."

The board of directors of The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation would like to thank the members of NOLA Voice Talent who generously volunteered their time and expertise to make this years' seminar a successful venture for Bettye Zoller..

The board would also like to register its appreciation to Bettye Zoller who agreed to pay 10% of the revenues from enrollment and 25% of book/CD sales to The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation, Inc.

Thanks also to NVT Full Member John Wettermark for hosting the after-seminar reception, sponsored in part by The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation, at his home in the lower Garden District; and to NVT chairman and board member Greg Beaumont for kindly providing the lunch-time catering for us at cost.

Would you be interested in becoming a member of the organizing committee for future NVT events? Please click here to submit your name and details. Also, we welcome all your suggestions for future seminars as well as your comments about the annual seminar series to date.

Voice-over Xtra's John Florian interviews NOLA Voice Talent founder and executive director Stephen James ahead of this year's National Voice-over Seminar.
Click here to read the interview.