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NVT Reading for the Blind program

The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation's Reading for the Blind program moved into top gear Monday August 8th with its inaugural reading to a blind and partially-sighted audience at Affiliated Blind of Louisiana in Lafayette, LA.
The program is held in conjunction with Affiliated Blind of Louisiana, which has its headquarters in Lafayette, LA., and provides not only a listening experience but also opportunities for performers to support the community with their voice skills.
Run by NVT Program Co-ordinator Michelle Jeanmard. the program will initially consist of a series of weekly reading sessions to a blind audience at the Affiliated Blind of Louisiana's training center in Lafayette, with a similar program to be launched at the organization's facility in New Orleans, with reading performances by The NOLA Voice Talent's Founder and Executive Director Stephen James.
Subsequent sessions at both locations will feature NOLA Voice Talent members, while members of Affiliated Blind of Louisiana will also have the opportunity to participate in performance and voice-over workshops hosted also by Stephen James.


Participation in The NOLA Voice Talent's Reading for the Blind program is open to all performers, and you will be able to provide readings at your preferred location, whether in New Orleans or in Lafayette, LA.