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THE WHISTLER - "Urge to Kill" and other amazing adventures


Urge to Kill

Strange Sisters

Announcer: Stephen James

The Whistler: Jwan Jordan (Stand-in: Steve Huckabee)

Henry Drake (protagonist/murderer): Paul Eubanks

Rita Drake (Henry’s wife): Lelah Huckabee

Ethel (personnel officer): LaWanda Jones

Phil (Henry’s business partner): Clayton Pennylegion

Dr. Schultz (therapist): Jeremy Menard

Mrs. Burton (Dr. Schultz’s secretary): Carina Derbigny

Jackson: (butler/hired help): Bill Collins

Announcer: Stephen James

The Whistler: Jwan Jordan (Stand-in: Steve Huckabee)

Pamela (oldest sister): Jessica Atwell

Kathy (youngest sister): Victoria L’Adnier

Sally (third sister, middle persona): Alyssa Diamond

Mrs. Stokes (housekeeper): LaWanda Jones

Mr. Watkins (butcher): Larry Campbell

Henry French (Pamela’s significant other): Jeremy Menard

Mr. Kennedy (gossiping citizen): David Tiegland

Mrs. Spencer (gossiping citizen): Danette Ott

Dr. Johnson: Clayton Pennylegion

Policeman: Bill Collins

Stranger in the House

Announcer: Stephen James

The Whistler: Jwan Jordan (Stand-in: Steve Huckabee)

George Chadwick (Helen’s Lawyer): Jeremy Menard

Helen: Alyssa Diamond

Ted Van Norton (Helen’s foster brother): David Tiegland

Rhoda (Helen’s maid): Victoria L'Adnier

Steward: Mitch Bauman

Mr. Rigby (Headmaster): Larry Campbell

State: Clayton Pennylegion

Clerk: Jessica Atwell

FBI: BIll Collins

Operator: Jessica Atwell

Mr. Julian: Simeon Maldonado
Passenger: Simeon Maldonaldo


Producers: Jwan Jordan and Stephen James

Director: Stephen James

Foley Director: Marsha Preston

Production Assistant: Paul Eubanks

Sound Engineer: Brandon Warden

Broadcasting Director: Ellen Johnson

Broadcasting Engineer: Rudy Dixon

A production of National Voice Talent Gulf Coast - a regional group of The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation 501(c)3

in support of  Biloxi Little Theatre


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