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NOLA Voice Talent Celebrates 10 years... 2009 - 2019
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The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation kicks off its 10th year with the release of this superb video highlighting the work of the Foundation and its benefits to the performing community and to youth and the community at large.

Including interviews with Stephen James, Founder and Executive Director of The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation, and students George Trahanis and Dylan DePaula; as well as featuring excerpts from workshops and rehearsal programs.

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Video produced by Racquel Ezell, Elodie Photography and Media. © 2018 The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation, Inc.


Sell-out expected at 2019 HOLLYWOOD SOUTH AWARDS and NVT 10th Anniversary Birthday Bash

Tickets for this year's Hollywood South Awards were being booked with hours of their release, even as the final preparations were still being made for the event.

Celebrities and personalities from the world of movies, theater, voice-over, and broadcasting in Louisiana and Mississippi will be in attendance at this year's ceremony, which also incorporates the celebration of the 10-year anniversary of The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation.

The Hollywood South Awards recognize individual talent and commitment to the movie, theater, broadcasting, and voice-over industries in Louisiana and Mississippi; individuals who go the extra mile in giving to their performing and regional community.

The inaugural top award, in 2013, was the STAR PERFORMER AWARD which went to Susie Labry for her outstanding advocacy in support of the Louisiana film and related industries, and whose unstinting commitment was the initial inspiration for the awards series. The winner of the top award last time around, in 2017, was actor and coach Casey Groves for his outstanding service to Hollywood South over a long career.

The 2017 Hollywood South Awards ceremony also saw the introduction of an additional top award, the LEGENDS AWARD, announced in advance, which went to Adella Gauthier and Carol Sutton; and an announcement is expected be made about this years Legends Award within the next few weeks.

Tickets for the 2019 HOLLYWOOD SOUTH AWARDS and NVT 10th Anniversary Birthday Bash are available now by clicking here. Seats are limited to please make sure to book yours now. For full details about the Awards Ceremony and venue click here.


FULL HOUSES at Mid-week WORKSHOPS in New Orleans and Biloxi as NOLA Voice Talent develops as the region's leading resource for voice-over training.

The WINTER/SPRING SEASON of "Find Your Best Voice" workshops has been a resounding success for students and organizers, with FULL HOUSE notices throughout the season in New Orleans.

As NOLA Voice Talent celebrates its TENTH ANNIVERSARY YEAR, and with more than 20 workshops through the first half of 2019, the program, organized by NOLA Voice Talent, has attracted novice and established voice performers alike from the length and breadth of the region - from the Florida panhandle to western Louisiana - to participate in the two-hour workshops sessions.

Many of the attendees have become regulars, some from as far away as Baton Rouge and Lafayette for the New Orleans workshops; and a few have been participating in the NVT workshops since soon after their inception in 2009; while several participants of the Biloxi workshops travel the short distance from New Orleans and surrounding areas to attend workshops there.

Session fees for the winter/spring term of 2019 have been frozen at only $20 each, and only $15 for Full Members of SAG-AFTRA.

Sessions are open to all by advance booking, and are held in secure and professional environments, 7pm-9pm on alternate Thursday evenings in NEW ORLEANS and BILOXI; hosted by leading voice coach Stephen James and shared in New Orleans with NVT accredited voice-over coach George Trahanis.

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Session fees for ALL the NVT

mid-week workshops are reduced to $15 for 

fully-paid Members of SAG-AFTRA.

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The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit incorporation which provides performers with affordable education and opportunities, as well as to use our talent to support the community.




  • "Indeed, thank you so much for a wonderful workshop this past Thursday night. I felt so welcomed and relaxed and will be at every one of the workshops from now on. I especially a..."
    Brad Hockmeyer
    Broadcaster and voice-over talent
  • "Thanks so much for being a great teacher... I certainly hope to have you as my long term mentor, friend and agent!"
    Jwan Jordan
    Life coach, actor, voice-over talent

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