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About The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation

The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation is a  non-profit incorporation founded in 2009 by Stephen James and supported on a voluntary basis by him and his wife Deborah Smith. 

The Foundation is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 Public Charity, and as such is dedicated to providing affordable opportunities for existing and aspiring performers in Louisiana, Mississippi, the Gulf Coast, and further afield.

The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation received its status as a 501(c)3 Public Charity in early 2017 and within months was re-branded to The NATIONAL Voice Talent Foundation with the formation of two additional regional branches: National Voice Talent Gulf Coast and National Voice Talent Southwest - to provide donors, volunteers, and associates with the opportunity and the infrastructure to support the performing community, and the community-at-large, through its programs of education, opportunities, and youth and community support. 


Whether you are a performer on-stage or on-screen, on-camera, or behind-the-mic, you will benefit from the resources which The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation provides.

Join us by registering as a web-site member (it's FREE to do so), an FULL SUBSCRIPTION MEMBER, or even an EXECUTIVE MEMBER - and don't forget to follow us on Facebook.



Thank you to our designers, Alexandra Keaton, Todd Schmidt, and Mark Fowler

ACCOLADES to Todd Schmidt, who designed our new logos as part of the re-branding process of the Foundation, Mark Fowler, who has designed the posters for most of the productions of "It's a Wonderful Life", as well as the logo for the annual NVT Awards; and to Alexandra Keaton, world acclaimed artist, for designing our poster for the 2018 production of "The Whistler".

Todd was designer of our initial logo, which featured the crescent moon and fleur-de-lis. A golden version of this logo has since been incorporated into the Hollywood South Awards logo, designed by Mark Fowler. 

Todd Schmidt designed the new NVT logos (see towards top of this page) as a 21st-century representation of the nationwide development of the Foundation, and featuring a sound-wave against the backdrop of the New Orleans skyline, and which can be modified as new regional branches are developed..

THANK YOU TODD, ALEXANDRA, AND MARK, for your generous support.



Among the many organizations which have benefited from donations and/or support from The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation's programs are:

Allies in Youth Development,
Mansfield, TX (International).

Background Actors Guild, New Orleans, LA.

Biloxi Little Theater, Biloxi, MS

Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans,
New Orleans, LA.

Common Ground Relief, New Orleans, LA.

Crescent City Lights Youth Theater, New Orleans, LA.

Deutsches Haus Cultural Center, New Orleans, LA.

Gretna Cultural Center for the Arts, Gretna, LA.

Joe Jefferson Players, Mobile, AL.

Louisiana Produces - Lafayette Film & Entertainment MeetUp Group, Lafayette, LA.

New Stage Theatre, Jackson, MS
National Voice Talent (nationwide)

NOLA Voice Theater, New Orleans, LA.

The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation, New  Orleans, LA.

Tipitinas Foundation "Instruments a-Comin' " program, New Orleans, LA.

Pensacola Little Theatre, Pensacola, FL.

The Valiant Theatre, New Orleans, LA.

WWOZ Radio, New Orleans, LA.


About our Founder: "Helping people to help each other"


Stephen James is a voice-actor in every sense of the word: from voicing commercials and video narration, to performing both fiction and non-fiction audio-book narrations, to performing live radio drama on stage - Stephen has performed in just about every genre of voice acting.

He even dedicates his professional expertise as a non-paid CEO of The National Voice Talent Foundation - a non-profit he founded in 2009 to provide affordable education and opportunities to performers and  to support the community.

Also a prolific writer, Stephen studied English, Art, and Drama at college, where he trained to be a teacher, and he has been involved with voice-over since the mid-70's. Stephen emigrated to the USA in 1997 at the culmination of an illustrious career in public relations and marketing, and decided to develop his abilities as a performer by concentrating on voice acting. He was an active member of Media Guilds International in Las Vegas and became a Member of the Royal Society for the Arts.

Following his move to New Orleans, where he subsequently married his wife Deborah, Stephen formed The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation in 2009; dedicating his work to providing affordable coaching to actors and voice performers in the New Orleans region, and to encouraging them to use their talents in support of the community.

Since then, Stephen has developed the non-profit Foundation on an unpaid volunteer basis, by providing hugely-popular workshop programs across the length and breadth of the Gulf coast states. The nominal workshop fees go direct to the Foundation, through which Stephen has also raised tens of thousands of dollars for local communities from productions such as the annual radio-play production of "It's a Wonderful Life" (now in its NINTH year) and the annual NVT Awards (now in its SIXTH year and re-branded "The Hollywood South Awards"), as well as the recently-launched radio-play revival series of "The Whistler".

Louisiana's favorite voice coach

Stephen has worked with hundreds of students across the USA, not only along Gulf coast states but also for students as far apart as New York and Los Angeles and, in 2015, was awarded "Louisiana's Favorite Voice Coach" by the USA entertainment industry publication "Backstage", following the publication's independent survey of his peers.

In 2016, Stephen was appointed to the Board of Governors of The National Association of Non-profit Organizations and Executives (NANOE) for 2017 and has been re-appointed to the same board for 2018. In 2017, Stephen also earned the credentials Certified Non-profit Executive (CNE), Certified Development Executive (CDE), and Certified Non-profit Consultant (CNC),

Stephen believes strongly in encouraging people and communities to help each other and is enjoying developing The NATIONAL Voice Talent Foundation as a resource through which organizations and individuals can participate in helping to meet his visions of supporting the community while providing opportunities for all performers.

Further information about Stephen at: