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FIVE " Wonderful" years... and counting!

"It's a Wonderful Life" Annual Benefit Extravaganza a big hit in New Orleans
- FIFTH year raising funds for the community

The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation, producers of the annual New Orleans and region benefit extravaganza of "It's a Wonderful Life", has introduced some major surprises as the non-profit organization prepares for this year's performance, on

Sunday December 8th (7:00pm) as the 2013 Christmas holiday season commences, immediately after Thanksgiving.

Local celebrity Farrar Hudkins, of NPR affiliate WWNO, will be narrating; while opening the show will be special guests, New Orleans' own The Caroleers, providing a Christmas ambience to the proceedings. So arrive early and enjoy, with Christmas fayre and a bar also available.

Sponsored by Main Production Sponsor Dunkin' Donuts & Baskin Robbins in Metairie, LA and a host of supporting sponsors, the show returns to the stage in the prestigious showroom of Deutsches Haus in Metairie for this FIFTH annual production. The venue is described by Producer and Director Stephen James as one of the best performance venues in the region for this kind of production.
Stephen James remarked, "We are delighted to bring our annual benefit again to this venue. Deutsches Haus has a long-standing tradition in New Orleans and it is a pleasure to support them in their prestigious temporary venue and in their quest to return to New Orleans Parish since being pushed out of their Galvez Street premises to make way for the new hospital development in New Orleans.
James is joined by leading New Orleans actor Vatican Lokey as Co-director; while, returning to the production as leading lady is Lorraine LeBlanc who plays Mary Hatch Bailey opposite Bill Lee, whose impersonation of James Stewart as the hapless George Bailey has been described as "better than Jimmy Stewart himself!"

Stephen James again performs his oafish interpretation of the Angel Clarence in his quest for his wings as he rescues George Bailey to show him just what life might have been like had George not been born; while Eric "Shoeless" Pollard plays George Bailey's nemesis, the evil Henry Potter.

It's a Wonderful Life is presented annually by the not-for-profit arts-supporting organization The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation, and features experienced New Orleans performers who donate their time and expertise to raise funds for the community in and around the New Orleans region.

Approximately $7,000 has been raised from the previous annual productions, with the initial donations going towards urban regeneration in the New Orleans region and, latterly, to non-profit organizations in support of the Performing Arts. While the production also provides significant educational benefits for the performing community.

As in previous years' productions of It's a Wonderful Life by The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation, this version is written by Los Angeles writer and SFX guru Tony Palermo, with musical score by Jonathan Green; both of whom kindly donate the use of their works for this annual production at no charge to support the New Orleans and Region community..

Images from the 2012 Benefit Production of "It's a Wonderful Life"

Above: scenes from the 2012 production, clockwise from top left: Aeryn Dixon (JaneyBailey and Zuzu Bailey) with Dylan DePaula (young George Bailey); Bill Lee (George Bailey) and Lorraine LeBlanc (Mary Hatch Bailey); Stephen James (Clarence Oddbody) and Richard Louis (Superintendent of Angels; Shirley Tregre (Violet Bick) and Bill Lee (George Bailey). Photos: Dawn DePaula
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Tickets available at the door $15:00

(Deutsches Haus Members $12:00)


Listen to the broadcast LIVE ONLINE

or locally on WGSO 990am

(please click on WGSO logo above)


And join the IAWL_2013 Facebook Group page. FREE weekly prize draw for Group page members during October and November..!

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George Bailey (BIll Lee) and Mary Hatch Bailey (Lorraine LeBlanc) from the 2012 production. Photo: Dawn DePaula

Producer and Director Stephen James also plays an oafish interpretation of Clarence, the Angel in search of his wings. Photo: Dawn DePaula

Eric "Shoeless" Pollard as the evil Henry Potter in the 2012 production of "It's a Wonderful Life". Photo: Dawn DePaula

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