IAWL 2019 Gulf Coast - Cast & Crew


Roles subject to change

Special Guest Mike Lacy (WLOX-TV) - Narrator

Joshua Boney as George Bailey

Alyssa Diamond as Mary Hatch Bailey

Paul Eubanks as Henry Potter

Stephen James as Clarence (Angel 2nd Class)

Rhonda Howard as Violet Bick

Supported by (in alphabetical order of first names):

Carina Derbigny 

Janey Bailey, Young Mary Hatch 

Cynthia Yap

Mrs. Hatch, Impatient Neighbor, Rowdy Woman

Dawn DuVerger 

Officer Bert, Dr Campbell, Eustace, Birdie

Ian Mcrae

Mr Gower (pharmacist), Carter (Bank examiner)

Jacob Johnson 

Young George Bailey 

Jeremy Maynard 

Ernie (cab driver), Charlie (difficult shareholder), County Sheriff

Joey Bennett 

Pop Bailey, Nick the bartender, Eddy

LaWanda Jones 

Mrs Thompson (shareholder), Ma Bailey, Mrs Adams

Mitch Bauman 

Uncle Billy, Mr Welch (Irate husband), Randy, Sully 

Morgana Mcrae 

Zuzu Bailey

Nancy Bennett

Tilly, Bank teller, Ruth

Robert Newton 

Martini, Harry Bailey, Sam Wainwright 

Sabrina Hoyt 

Mrs Davis, Toll taker, Booker

Tremain Merrell
Superintendent of Angels

Zachary Rice

Young Petey Bailey


Laura Magazza – Rosie the Riveter

Heather Dauzat – Estelle

Sue Maters – Mrs. Claus

The Hollys (singing trio)

Tina Marie Johnston, Gabrielle Brou, Autumn Leith 


Stephen James - Producer and Director

Barb  Medlock - Assistant Producer

Alyssa Diamond - Foley Director

Joey Bennett - Foley Operator

Sharon Bush - Sound Engineer

Joel Magazzu, Mark Mcrae - Official Photographers

Laura Magazzu, Joelle May - Decorations and Concessions

Photos above from previous productions of It's a Wonderful Life produced by The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation.