Special Guest Charles Burchell (presenter at WWOZ New Orleans) - Narrator of this year's 12th Annual Benefit production of "It's a Wonderful Life" from The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation, who also plays a leading role as the Superintendent of Angels.

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ABOVE: The cast of this year's Zoom production of "It's a Wonderful Life" in rehearsal.

The 12th Annual Benefit Production of "It's a Wonderful Life"
LIVE via Zoom


Special Guest Charles Burchell (WWOZ) 

as Narrator & Superintendent of Angels

And Starring

Jonas Chartock

as George Bailey

Cindy Yap

as Mary Hatch Bailey

Joey Bennett

as The evil Henry Potter

George Trahanis

as Clarence (Angel 2nd Class)

Nancy Bennett

as Violet Bick

Supported by (in alphabetical order)

Annie Anderson as Zuzu Bailey

Presious Anderson as Rowdy Woman, Mrs Thompson

Sae' Brionay as Janey Bailey, Young Mary Hatch

Nancy Bennett as Violet Bick, Tilly, Ruth

Adam Chenevert as Pop Bailey, Nick (bartender). Officer Bert, Carter, Eddy

Carla Lewis as Ma Bailey, Mrs Adams

David Melerine as Harry Bailey, Sam Wainwright, Ernie, (cab driver), Sully, Eustace

Terena Pickett as Mrs Davis, Booker

Gabrielle Raedisch as Dr Campbell, Toll Taker, Birdie, Bank Teller

John "Jackson" Ridgeway as Mr Gower (pharmacists) Uncle Billy, County Sheriff, Mr. Welch, Randy

George Trahanis as Calrence Oddbody, Martini, Difficult Shareholder

Shirley Tregre as Mrs Hatch, Impatient Neighbor


Producer: Stephen James

Director: George Trahanis

Music Director: John Ridgeway

SFX Engineer: Joey Bennett

Script adaptation for radio by Vatican Lokey 

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