President's speech - NVT Awards 2014

Stephen James stresses the importance of mentoring 
to encourage young performers

Good evening ladies and gentlemen... and thank you all for taking part in this.. the SECOND Annual NOLA Voice Talent Awards.

These awards were introduced to recognize the outstanding commitment to the industry made by individuals to the benefit of the community.

And it is this commitment which is at the heart of the success that Louisiana has achieved in establishing itself as the NUMBER ONE state for the production of movies and television series. I congratulate all who are involved in this amazing success and I am honored that The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation has been able to play a small role in the development of this success.

The NOLA Voice Talent foundation was formed over five years ago as a means whereby I and others, could enjoy regular voice-over workshops in order to improve our craft.

Since then, the development of the Foundation has been staggering: we now have around 500 members, have produced five annual fund-raising productions (and are looking forward to presenting our sixth just next week), two hugely successful weekend seminars, a summer workshop for urban youth, and now two annual awards ceremonies - not to mention having mentored hundreds of performers in our weekly affordable voice-over workshops held in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, and expanding over the course of this past year into the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Above: Stephen James, President, Founder, and Executive Director of The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation, delivers his speech at the 2014 NVT Awards,

I mention Mentoring. This is possibly one of the most important words in the success of Louisiana in achieving our number one slot in the entertainment industry. The state is rich in wonderful individuals, who give of their time and efforts to help others. I will repeat the theme of my speech at these awards last year: "It is not about what you can get, but in what you can give".

And it is these individuals... and the selfless work they contribute to the good of others and of the industry in general, whom we are honoring in these NVT Awards. SO I urge you again, think about what you can GIVE, rather than what you can get. Your lives as a performer will be all the richer, and all the more successful.

Stephen James - Founder and Executive Director, The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation

Saturday November 19th, 2014

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