The Whistler "Urge to Kill and Other Amazing Adventures" woos Biloxi audiences in record-breaking production

The National Voice Talent Gulf Coast's community benefit production of "The Whistler" raised over $1,000 for Biloxi Little Theater after a record-breaking two-night run of the radio-play revival (July 6th and 7th) which was broadcast live worldwide via Los Angeles to rapturous reviews.

The audience were the stars of both nights, coming in with laughter at the occasional asides and with boos and hisses at the protagonist Henry Drake (played by the assured Paul Eubanks) in "Urge to Kill"; and followed by standing ovations at the end of each "adventure".

And of course the highlight of the production was Jwan Jordan (WLOX-TV), who played the role of The Whistler to perfection in all three adventures.

Sixteen year-old Lelah Huckabee played beyond her years as Henry Drake's wife, revealing he amazing talent and her potential as a sure-fire acting star of the future.

Leading roles in "Strange Sisters" and "Stranger in the House" were played magnificently by Jessica Atwell, 17 year-old Victoria L'Adnier, and Alyssa Diamond; while the youngest cast member, 12 year-old Carina Derbigny enthralled the audience.

And the production was supported by an amazing cast who "never put a word out of place" according to one Hollywood peoducer who phoned-in to the Brian Hammer Jackson radio show, which transmitted the broadcast worldwide.

Special praise must be given to the production's SFX Director Marsha Preston, whose "Foley table" was a source of fascination and amazement for the audience.

"The Whistler and Other Amazing Adventures" was presented by National Voice Talent Gulf Coast, a regional branch of The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation 501(c)3, and directed by Stephen James. 

Main sponsors, Reeves and Mestayer Attorneys at Law, Biloxi.


"The Whistler and Other Amazing Adventures" is the latest in a series of workshop productions presented by National Voice Talent in support of the community.

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SO SUCCESSFUL was National Voice Talent Gulf Coast's production recently at Biloxi Little Theatre that our amazing audience members, as well as the fantastic cast, has firmly requested that we repeat the occasion with a further radio-play production in support of the community.

Details, including dates, times, and venues to be decided. WATCH this space for details!

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