The Venue - The world-famous Café Istanbul Performance Theater & Bar

2372 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117

See location map at foot of page. Limited parking at rear of building

Café Istanbul is a 3,800 square feet performance hall with a mission of fostering, encouraging and promoting performance art in New Orleans.

Located at the rear of the New Orleans Healing Center at St Roch and Rampart, the New Orleans Healing Center is a 55,000 square feet building which joins the St Claude arts district as a partner providing coveted and needed space for the ever burgeoning NOLA theatre and performance community.

Located within The Healing Center, The Café Istanbul Performance Theater is a top-notch platform for performing artists, and with a high quality sound system.

A beautiful oak stage spans 12’ by 24’ with a 4’ add on that can increase the stage’s size to 16’ by 24’. We were informed that dancers need bigger stages and that the city has a scarcity of accessible venues to host them. Subsequently, the add-on was created with dancers in mind. The stage has been filled with 14 yards of sand to eliminate any reverberations, and it has the capacity to be reconfigured with a 12’ runway to host fashion shows. A Yamaha Baby Grand Piano calls the stage home and it be framed by traditional red velvet fire proof curtains and lit by colorful stage lights.

Café Istanbul has the capacity to show movies, a much-needed asset for the New Orleans burgeoning independent film industry.

Live music is more connected to the cultural fabric of New Orleans than any other city in the country and perhaps any other city in the world. Café Istanbul provides a musical platform for New Orleans’ musical super stars of tomorrow.

Café Istanbul as been designed from its inception with performance art in mind. There isn’t a bad seat in the house. The hall enjoys a positive, symbiotic relationship with the other silos of the NOHC. The Street University, Affordable Healing Arts, and other Silos provide lecturers and speakers from around the world. The Spiritual/Interfaith silo members can perform ceremonies, open to the public while, in return, the Performance Hall provides outreach for the Center as a whole and its events catalyze revenues for the restaurant, grocery store, arts and crafts bazaar, and retail boutiques, as well as other business on the St. ClaudeCorridor.

2372 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117

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