"It's a Wonderful Life" 2014
Annual New Orleans and Region Benefit Extravaganza!
Saturday 6th December, 2014, 7:00pm.

THE VENUE: The Deutsches Haus showroom
1023 Ridgewood Drive | Metairie, La 70001
(scroll down for location map)

"Where else can you find a better venue than Deutsches Haus? 

"A luxurious showroom with a large stage and accommodating an audience of up to around 300 people, a fully-stocked bar, ample free parking, AND only a couple of miles from the city...

"Deutsches Haus is the best-kept secret in the region!"

So says The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation's founder and executive director Stephen James, Producer and Director of the Annual New Orleans and Region Benefit Production of "It's a Wonderful Life" since 2009.

This the SIXTH year of the production and the third on the stage at Deutsches Haus, which moved to its current temporary location (a former VA social club) after it was pushed out of its traditional-style home on Galvez Street to make way for hospital development on the site. The Haus, as it is popularly called, currently has plans to move back into New Orleans with a proposed site near Bayou St. John.

And, contrary to its name, the venue is not all about German music, beer, and lederhosen. Of course, its foundation and origins are with the culture of Germany - the organization hosts the annual Oktoberfest among a plethora of other cultural activities - but The Haus is also the venue of both amateur and professional theater, monthly quiz nights, and, of course, screenings of Saints football..!

SO, where IS this wonderful venue? 

The address:
1023 Ridgewood Drive, Metairie, LA 70001

IT'S CLOSER THAN YOU THINK... Just take a short, two-mile drive along Airline Drive from I-10 at Carrolton/Tulane and, even BEFORE you get to Causeway Blvd., turn right into Ridgewood Drive next to the Hurwitz Mintz showroom ,and it is just 100 yards up the street on the right hand side (see map below).

See you at the show! Dont forget: Saturday December 6th, 2014, 7:00pm. Doors open 6:00pm. - Bar and food available for purchase!


For this year's production, 2014,

100% OF PROCEEDS from all tickets sold TO DEUTSCHES HAUS MEMBERS will go to the fund for the NEW Deutsches Haus.

Deutsches Haus Members' show tickets are

ONLY $10 and will be available from Deutsches Haus.

The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation is delighted to support Deutsches Haus in the development of their new Venue.

Deutsches Hause is close to the city, holds an audience of up to around 300 people, and has a large stage - perfect for theatrical performances such as the annual New Orleans and Region Benefit of "It's a Wonderful Life". Photo: Dawn DePaula

The bar in the main showroom of the modern temporary Metairie location of Deutsches Haus. Photo: DeutschesHaus.org

The Deutsches Haus's temporary premises in Ridgewood Drive (off Airline Drive) Metairie is believed formerly to have been the home of a VA social club.
The premises features a number of bars and meeting rooms as well as a roomy showroom which has been the venue for the previous three of the past four productions of "It's a Wonderful Life".
Photo: Deutsches Haus

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LEVEL FOUR: Angel Clarence Sponsors

The Muralles family, New Orleans

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LEVEL FIVE: Violet Bick services and donors

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